At the end of the war, Macbeth, returning triumphant from battle, is confronted by three mysterious beings who prophesy that he will become king. Urged on by his wife, he decides to take fate into his own hands by killing the king as he sleeps. This one act plunges Macbeth into a nightmare world where, plagued by guilt and on the edge of madness, he discovers that the choices he makes leads he and his wife to unexpected and tragic consequences.  Intrepid presents an intense, shockingly intimate, fast paced hour and a half telling of Shakespeare’s most misunderstood hero, the poet villain.

An ensemble-driven cast of seven including Sean Cox as Macbeth and Christy Yael as Lady Macbeth with Jason Maddy, Jessie Mackinnon, Eddie Yaroch, Danny Campbell and Mark C. Peitrich.  Directed by Jason D. Rennie and Sean Cox. Intrepid is thrilled to be working with Jonathan McMurtry as their textual advisor.  Mr. McMurtry is Associate Artist, Old Globe Theatre and 2008 recipient of the Craig Noel Lifetime Achievement Award.

Production Photos: