BETRAYAL by Harold Pinter
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8 at 7:30pm
Directed by Jason Heil
Featuring Monique Gaffney, Mike Sears and Claudio Raygoza

The classic dramatic scenario of the love triangle is manifest in Pinter’s engaging character play, a mediation on the themes of marital infidelity, duplicity, and self-deception.  Betrayal begins with a meeting between adulterous lovers, Emma and Jerry, two years after their affair has ended.  During the nine scenes of the play, we move back in time, through the states of their affair, with the play ending in the house of Emma and Robert, her husband, who is Jerry’s best friend.  We are excited to explore one of our favorite playwrights most compelling works.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22 at 7:30pm
Directed by Jason D. Rennie
Featuring actors from Kingsmen Shakespeare Company (L.A.)

Directed by Intrepid’s Associate Director and director of the last year’s star-studded staging of Much Ado About Nothing, Jason D Rennie.  Featuring actors from The Kingsman Shakespeare Company, Cymbeline follows Imogen on her search for reconciled love against the backdrop of a colorful and magical journey.  Forbidden love, mistaken identities, banishment and a magic potion— Shakespeare combines multiple styles in this endlessly inventive fairy tale.  Intrepid and Kingsman Shakespeare Company’s join forces to present this rarely staged masterpiece.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12 at 7:30pm
Directed by Christopher Williams
Featuring Jonathan McMurtry as Shylock

Featuring Old Globe Associate Artist and theatre legend Jonathan McMurtry as Shylock and Intrepid Shakespeare Company Artistic Director/Co-Founder Christy Yael as Portia.  Whether contemplating the contents of gilded chests or the darkest corners of human nature, The Merchant of Venice challenges audiences to look beyond misleading appearances to find the true measure of things.  An intriguing story of power and revenge, justice and mercy, true love and duplicity, The Merchant of Venice features some of Shakespeare’s most complex and memorable characters.