Prosperity seems to be looming on the horizon for a seacoast town in Maine. A health spa created from the local springs prompts hopes of major economic growth. There is hardly cause for concern that visitors to the community have been getting sick. But then Dr. Stockmann discovers that the town’s water is poisoned and reports it to the authorities. Instead of being hailed as a hero, Stockmann’s good deed has the potential to ruin the town’s financial security, and he is labeled an enemy of the people. Prosperity vs. Honesty: a passionate choice.

Perhaps the greatest playwright of the 19th century, Henrick Ibsen wrote of his outrage at a society that refuses to recognize the truth. This adaptation by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Arthur Miller presents the powerful study of an honest man being persecuted because of his insistence on telling the truth. The inspiration for the Academy Award winning film JAWS, Ibsen’s play is a penetrating exploration of what happens when the truth comes up against the will of the majority.

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