1. How qualified is the Camp Intrepid staff?

Very! All of our instructors are professional artists and educators with expertise in their fields and extensive experience working with young people.  Most of our instructors are also teaching artists in our acclaimed Shakespeare School Tour Program, Shakespeare For A New Generation.  This education program tours Shakespeare plays and teaches workshops to elementary, middle and high school students in public and private schools all over Southern California. All staff members undergo a careful interview process, including background checks and classroom observation.

2. What measures are in place to ensure the safety of my child?

We thank you for entrusting your children with us, and their safety is our priority.  First, in the interest of preventing emergencies, we maintain a high level of supervision: each student is assigned to a class based on their age.  They move through their day with their assigned class as they go from one teaching artist’s class to the next.  Lunch and outdoor theatre games has a minimum of two teaching artists supervising the students at all times.  Attendance is taken both at drop-off and at the beginning of each class.  Students must get a pass to go to the restrooms and are forbidden to roam the grounds unsupervised. We have procedures in place for any type of emergency and all staff members are trained in these procedures.  If your child is in need of medical attention, staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid.  We are also located two minutes from Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas.  Should camp be closed due to unforeseen circumstances or should an emergency arise, parents and guardians will be contacted.  A detailed message will also be available by calling (760) 295-7541 and on Intrepid’s website.

3.  What is the procedure for regular drop-off and pick-up?

Young Actors Theatre Campers may begin to arrive at 8:45am.  At 9:00am, we begin with Theatre Circle Warm-Up and roll call (where attendance is taken). The campers then go to their first activity with their counselor.  Pick-up begins at 3:00pm and must be complete by 3:15pm.

Campers will only be released to persons authorized by their parent/guardian (please bring valid I.D.) and cannot leave without being signed out.  Campers with parent/guardian permission are dismissed at 3:00pm to walk off the grounds and catch public transportation.

4.  What about lunch?

Due to special diets, allergies, cost and general pickiness, Camp Intrepid does not provide lunch.  Each camper is to bring a well-marked lunch and water bottle to camp each day.  Each lunch should also include a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.

5.  Where do the campers eat?

The campus of the Encinitas Community Center has a beautiful outdoor park area where we will eat lunch daily.  If it’s raining or beastly hot, we’ll eat inside on stage.

6.  My child has severe food allergies. Is Camp Intrepid peanut-free?

Camp Intrepid is not a peanut-free environment, although we do discourage campers from bringing peanut products to camp.  Please contact us to discuss any food allergies your child may have.

7.   What if my child has special needs?

Please call us at (760) 295-7541 and we can talk about how to make sure your child has the best possible experience at Camp Intrepid.  We are able to make adaptations!  We cannot, however, provide one-on-one aides to individual campers.

8.  Will the campers have a chance to perform?  Will the parents get to watch the performance?

At the end of the each camp program, there is a performance.  At the end of the Young Actors Theatre camp, the campers will present an open sharing of the projects they’ve worked on throughout the week.  All performances will take place on the final day of camp (Friday) in the Banquet Hall of the Encinitas Community Center at 2:00pm and are open to family and friends.

9.  Who are those little kids? Who are those older kids?

The age range for the Young Actors Theatre camp is 6 to 15.  Activities are typically grouped by ages 6-10 or 11-15.  Sometimes, when we have expanded camp sessions (two camps preparing the same story), the delineation age will vary. We make sure that the classes and activities are meant for each age – we do our best to make sure each camper doesn’t feel too old or too young to be at camp.  Each camper will be challenged and will also have fun.

10.  What is Camp Intrepid’s policy on cell phones?

Campers are not permitted to have cell phones at camp.  They are a distraction and easily lost.  Plus, an important part of art is being present and in the moment.  Cell phones, ipods, and other electronics keeps campers from being fully present.  We are happy to discuss any extenuating circumstances that would necessitate your child having a cell phone while at camp.  During camp hours, you can reach your child by calling the camp director, whose cell phone number is made available on Monday.

11.  How can I contact Camp Intrepid?

If you have questions, before the start of camp, please call (760) 295-7541.  You can also e-mail Sean Cox, Director of Education, at