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The world is changing quickly. Every day, our country is experiencing the turmoil of divisive rhetoric delivered by our nation’s leaders. We are witnessing this turmoil filter down into our local communities, as entire populations of San Diego inhabitants await legislation that threatens to vilify them and potentially extricate them from our city.

Intrepid is pinpointing and illuminating the stories of those directly affected by these growing tensions, specifically the refugee and immigrant populations. In collaboration with SAY San Diego, Intrepid created a timely community outreach program, Exiled Voices: The Refugee Art Experience, at Crawford High School in City Heights.

Read the San Diego Union Tribune article “Intrepid Theatre turns refugees’ stories into art”

The Program:

January 2017: painters, playwrights, choreographers, poets and songwriters were paired with refugee students at Crawford High School to learn about their resettlement experiences and their home countries. Each artist created a piece of art inspired by the stories of his or her student.

March 2017: These art pieces were displayed and performed in a free community event at the Horton Grand Theatre in downtown San Diego to a sold out audience and standing ovation.

2018: Intrepid launches the Exiled Voices School Tour to travel throughout Southern California

2019: Intrepid launches the Exiled Voices Multimedia Art Installation to travel to cultural centers


In 2018, Exiled Voices becomes a school tour and a multimedia art installation that will travel to cultural centers. The more schools we can visit, the more cultural centers we can partner with, the more conversations we can begin and the greater the significance of this project will be. Every dollar helps extend the lifespan and deepen the impact of this project.

Together with your help, we can create meaningful change.


Exiled Voices Artists

BOTTOM ROW L to R: Gill Sotu, Performance Poet & Playwright; Monique Gaffney, Playwright & Choreographer; Kathryn Cloward, Singer/Songwriter. MIDDLE ROW L to R: Kendrick Dial, Spoken Word Artist & Songwriter; Michael Mizerany, Choreographer; Lara Segura, Choreographer, Malashock Dance Company; Edee Armand, Visual Artist; John Malashock, Choreographer, Malashock Dance Company. TOP ROW L to R: Paul Eddy, Singer/Songwriter; Lorena Santana, Playwright; Tim West, Playwright.


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