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2015 Impact Snapshot

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“Logic will get you from A to B. 
Imagination will take you everywhere.”
– Albert Einstein

We have a long list of schools who desperately need access to Intrepid’s Shakespeare Education Tour but have no access to funding.

Why is this program important? Lots of reasons but here’s two big ones – many of these children have never seen LIVE theatre and this program allows them to experience the joy and wonder of being part of a live performance. The second reason – LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT. Shakespeare’s plays were never meant to be read, they were meant to heard and performed by actors. This program allows students, especially those with learning disabilities, to access these plays that are a mandatory part of the state curriculum. Seeing these plays live levels the playing field and allows ALL students to succeed in school.

The schools and children that most need these programs are the ones least likely to have access to them because they are underfunded with little to no PTA support.


allows a child to go to an Intrepid after-school drama program for free. Four times a year we give out scholarships to children (and parents) who cannot afford our after-school programs. Help a child have access to arts education!


gets Teaching Artists into a classroom to teach active workshops based on the play that the students on studying.


gets a professional performance of one of five plays into the schools. The school can choose which play they want to see. The 2017 tour includes: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, and Androcles and the Lion.


gets A Day of Shakespeare into one school. This includes a morning of active workshops with the day culminating in a performance of the play the students are studying.

Any dollar amount helps! Any donation earmarked for the education programs will go to collectively funding a performance for an underserved school.







“The arts are not a frill.
The arts are a response to our individuality and our nature, and help to shape our identity. What is there that can transcend deep difference and stubborn divisions? The arts.
Art has the potential to unify.  The arts do not discriminate. The arts can lift us up.”
– Congresswoman Jordan


Be part of a production! Support one performance of any production in Season Six. Not only will your name be in the program, you will be publicly thanked during the curtain speech and have special mention on the show page on the website!  This support level includes 10 complimentary tickets as well as a backstage tour for you and your group.


Sponsor one night of the Staged Reading Series! You pick the reading you’re interested in sponsoring and we’ll dedicate the night to you!  This sponsorship level includes 10 complimentary tickets, a public thank you during the curtain speech, and the creation of a special drink named after you that we’ll serve at the event.



Support Intrepid’s ARTISTS

“Politicians don’t bring people together. Artists do.”
– Mayor Daley, Chicago


Support your favorite artist! Without the artists, none of this is possible! This sponsorship level includes recognition in our show program with your name under the actor’s biography plus two tickets to Opening Night.

$500 +

This sponsorship level includes a personal thank you from your sponsored artist, a backstage tour, four tickets to Opening Night, and recognition in our show program with your name under the actor’s biography.

Any dollar amount helps! Any donation earmarked for the artist program will go to collectively funding an actor for an upcoming show. All donations include a mention in the show program.




Intrepid Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, tax identification number 27-1653766.  Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  You may make a donation online, over the phone with a credit card by calling 760-295-7541 or by mailing us a check at:

Intrepid Theatre Company
P.O. Box 235852
Encinitas, CA  92023-5852