Continued Conversations: The Post-Show Talkback Schedule for “The Quality of Life”

“The Quality of Life” opens at the Carlsbad Village Theatre

Intrepid Theatre Company opened its first production of Season Six, “The Quality of Life,” on July 5 to a standing ovation and immediate rave reviews by audiences and critics alike. While the production – featuring the unforgettable Maggie Carney, DeAnna Driscoll, Jeffrey Jones and Tom Stephenson –  was praised for its “tour-de-force ensemble” (Bill Eadie) who ‘hold nothing back” (Jeff Smith), director Christy Yael-Cox is equally pleased by what is happening on State Street outside the theatre after the show: immediate conversation.

“This play deals with hard-hitting and contemporary issues in such a beautiful and graceful way,” says Christy. “It’s our goal to present all sides and perspectives without engaging one more than the other. We learn from experiencing each others’ reactions to the play as much as we learn from experiencing the characters’ viewpoints.”

Tom Stephenson (L); Maggie Carney (R )  (Photo by Daren Scott)

Tom Stephenson (L); Maggie Carney (R )
(Photo by Daren Scott)

In order to encourage this conversation even further, Intrepid is organizing a series of formal post-show talkbacks with experts in the fields touched upon in the play, most prominently the issue of end of life care and options. The first one will take place Thursday, July 9.

The roster of panelists include Certified Geriatric Nurse Case Manager Dori Salois Salerno, R.N., a hospice team from The San Diego County Coalition for Improving End of Life Care, representatives from the San Diego County Medical Society Bioethics Commission, Hospice of North Coast, Father Doran from St. Michael’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church and a Buddhist teacher from the Dharma Bums Temple in downtown San Diego. See below for the complete talkback schedule.

DeAnna Driscoll (L); Jeffrey Jones (R ) (Photo by Daren Scott)

DeAnna Driscoll (L); Jeffrey Jones (R )
(Photo by Daren Scott)

“We are hoping that a diverse range of perspectives on this issue can help us see even further into the mindset of each of the characters in the play and engage their viewpoints on a level that is relevant to us in our everyday lives,” says Christy.

“From a relaxed, picnic-like beginning, The Quality of Life builds to an inexorable shedding of stereotypes…” Jeff Smith wrote this week in the San Diego Reader, and judging from the flock of patrons who lingered on the sidewalk to discuss the show after opening night, he was not the only one taken by the surprises this play has to offer. We hope you will join us for what we hope will be enlightening and educational post-show conversations.

“The Quality of Life” Post-Show Talkback Schedule

Thursday, July 9:
Dori Salois Salerno, R.N. – Certified Geriatric Nurse Case Manager with Innovative Health Care Consultants

Friday, July 10:
San Diego County Coalition for Improving End of Life Care featuring Dr. Margaret Elizondo (Sharp Hospice Physician), Barbara Bailey (Hospice Nurse Educator), Lydia Lombardi (Vitas Hospice social worker manager) and Chaplain Caroline Flanders

Saturday, July 11th:
San Diego County Medical Society Bioethics Commission featuring Paula Goodman-Crews, LCSW, Arnie Gass, M.D., Zoe Blaylock, M.Div. and Loren Lopata, M. Div.

Sunday, July 12:
Hospice of the North Coast, featuring Colleen O’Hara (Attorney / Professional Fiduciary), Rev. Doran Stambaugh, SSC (Clergy), Charles Hergesheimer, MD (Hospice Medical Director), Jim Reiser (Bereavement Coordinator), Sharon Lutz (RN, BSN, CHPN)

Thursday, July 16:
Rev. Doran Stambaugh, SSC, St. Michael’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church

Thursday, July 23:
San Diego County Coalition for Improving End of Life Care featuring Faye Girsh, president of the Hemlock Society of San Diego, Teressa Vaughn, MPT, MHA, Sharp Healthcare and Liz Sumner, RN, BSN, MA, Elizabeth Hospice

Friday, July 24:
Jeff Zlotnik, Co-Founder of The Dharma Bum Temple and Buddhist meditation teacher

“The Quality of Life” by Jane Anderson, through August 2 at the Carlsbad Village Theatre, 2822 State Street. Tickets available here. Talkbacks will begin a few minutes after the performance. All audience members welcome.